Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I think this image came from an excellent source of fine art; Jan's and Co French Antiques in LA. See here

It was sold at auction in 2006.
I understand he is known for this monumental work of Columbus which you can find here:


Anonymous said...

Do you know the artist and title of this piece? Please email if you do, thank you very much!

Robert said...

Good question, I will look it up for you and paste the name here. I think it an exquisite work and the skill in its execution is amazing.

Robert said...

I found this image a few years ago and kept it for personal use. In my enthusiasm to add works I thought worthy for my list of 1000, I placed it here with out remembering the copyright issue which I take very seriously as a poverty stricken sculptor myself. It is signed G Russo 1900 and I found it at Jan’s and Co French antiques in LA. I am now begging forgiveness of them and requesting that I may keep it here with their permission. They have a wonderful collection of fine art especially sculpture and I recommend you visit them.

Robert said...

I have been given permission to use this image, thank you.
Jan's & Co. Fine French Antiques, Inc.

Copyright is an important issue especially for artists.