Wednesday, 11 February 2009



Jorge said...

wonderful piece !
Why don't you add the names of the artists ?
It is very important to give that precision

Robert said...

Thanks for visiting Jorge. I have a quandary here. I wanted to post works of Art which I have judged on their own merits. I do not want to be prejudiced by the sculptor's name. If I know who sculpted it I am happy to let you know and in some cases I have named the artist where this has happened. If I do not know I ask the question and one or twice someone has emailed me the answer.

If you look down on the right you will find in the paragraph before the heading Figurative, my intentions outlined there.

I do not pretend to provide a place to look up a sculptor’s works but rather a place to discover great work so visitors can take an interest from there!

jorge said...

OK Robert. Anyway your site is great and I really appreciate what you show.
I'm going to make a post about it on my own blog and show some of these artworks if you don't mind.

Robert said...

Thanks Jorge. I Have had a good "first" look at yours and will be back again soon if I may. You have some beautiful stuff to explore.

PS I tend to make comments on my Dorset sculpture site, there is more there too.