Monday, 23 February 2009



Anonymous said...

"La Danse" by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux 1865-69
Palais garnier

Robert said...

I do like Carpeaux but like so many of us he seems to have do faces that are very alike. Renoir is another artist who falls into the same trap. My daughter (no.2) sayes I do the same and sadly I think she is right. My Grandfather did arms that were a little too long (perhaps sometimes); so do I, interesting!

Anonymous said...

The Carpeaux model for the face of the Spirit was a woman - and the body was his young carpenter. It seems that a sculptor uses either the same real model or works from a predictable memory. Even if a recognisable person then artistic licence tends towards certain aesthetics - or perception errors. My sculpted figures tend to have long legs, small hands, and large eyes.